Friday, February 18, 2005

Win, Lose or Draw!

We had our second session of IEP 2005 tonight. Adik2 ilham were eager for another fun-like activity and were all ready to go when we arrived there!

We started off with some group revision on 'self-introduction' and then continued with 'Win, Lose or Draw' game.

After a few rounds, we could now gauge their level of English understanding and will plan for the next activity accordingly.

We are planning to separate them into two groups in the future.

So, tonight, the winner group received a present from us - a set of boardgame called 'The Gallows' which is similar to 'Hangman'. On the other hand, the group that lost had to present to us a song - 'live'. Glad to say, they were very sporting and were willingly entertaining us with their song 'bintang2 berkedipan' ;o)

The Adik2 are requesting us to have IEP sessions on a weekly basis instead of on a fortnightly basis - are we able to?

No promises there, but we'll try!!
That's what I told adik2 ilham tonight..


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