Wednesday, March 07, 2007

letter from batu gajah..

the activity for the night was on letters and correspondence. we all got aidah to write a letter to the kids telling about what she has been up to down(or is it up?) there in Batu Gajah. so we pretty much wanted the kids to answer a few question that kak aidah posed in her letter.

i started the class by being a bit strict. we all really wanted the kids to pay attention and i guess the 'abg garang' version of myself did the trick la. we divided the kids into groups and each abg/kakak had a group to help with the letter writing.

i guess being garang did have an impact la coz some of the kids even wrote in the letter that today abg acat is soo strict. hehe. well at least they did listen la kan.



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