Monday, February 21, 2005

a fresh start..

i've always wanted to join these type of programs, but time constraints and the perceived notion that i had a life before meant that i never got the chance. now it seems that fate has given me the opportunity to do what i have always wanted.

the kids here at ilham are all very eager. i'd like to think that in one way or the other these kids will be more enriched from their interactions with us. granted that its not always fun and games. we want to instill some sort of basic grasp of the language while at the same time trying to help build their confidence.

anyways, i have a feeling that this may be a start to more wonderful things to come.


At 10:57 PM, Blogger Naz Sunshine said...

definitely is a start to more wonderful things!! :) and yes, the exposure from us kakak2 & abang2 will benefit the kids in some way.. to me even the slightest way would be better than none at all..

ps: acat, try bring your sis - Ana along next session k!


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