Thursday, September 15, 2005

read some more..

last friday, we had the ilham kids do a bit of reading. they have a library and while it is still in the process of being beautified, the books are always available for them to use. so we picked a book with some short stories in it. (i have no idea what the title was, hehe for i can't seem to remember.. will update on this later).

the kids were then divided into three groups according to their level of proficiency. some were obviously better than the others but we took the time to make sure that all of them tried to read.

at one point i resorted to the tried and tested method of pronouncing the alphabets in the words individually ala sesame street to get the kids reading the more difficult words.

m (mmm) o (o) t (teh) h (heh) e (e) r (rrrr) = mother

somehow it sounds way cuter if elmo does it.


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