Thursday, July 28, 2005

Brainstorming Session

I arrived late at Ilham last Friday thanks to the 'efficient' LRT Service ;(

When I got there, saw the Kakak2 and Abang2 all ready to start! *phew, I thought to myself.. nasib baik ada diaorang ni :) semua boleh harap!!* so as usual, salam2 with the kids first and joined the class.

We started off with a spelling bee - they were asked to spell out 4 words we gave them to memorize last week as homework and also give us the meaning of the words in malay. Then, we continued with a brainstorming session with the kids that night to build their word bank. Keena led the class, she divided them into 4 groups and gave 4 different key words for them to brainstorm in their groups.

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The words were:


All of us were happy to see that everyone participated in the group activity :) and we (including the abang2 and kakak2 ;p) learned some new words that night! hehehe


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