Wednesday, February 15, 2006

tell me what do u see..

for this round of ilham we wanted to test how the children's observation skills are like. we had three kids to one faci, each with a selection of books from the library. and without reading the text, we asked the kids to describe what they see and tell us in their own words.

i personally had one of the kids, syed, to describe to me this story about a family going camping. it had some well drawn scenes in there and syed was able to describe what he thought was happening. there were descriptions like, the racoon was hungry so it sneaked around at the camping site looking for food. how the dad was driving to the camping ground. all this from the pictures that he saw. then just to clarify we had them read some of the text anyways.

afterwards when all of them had their individual go with the abang-kakak, we had everyone in one big group and had them tell us what they see from this one book on community life. (kehidupan berjiran?)


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