Monday, October 03, 2005

Till We Meet Again!

Dear All,

Friday, 23rd September 2005 was officially the last formal IEP Session with adik-adik at Rumah Ilham.

Due to fasting month, Raya and also preparation time for their UPSR & other exams/holidays etc, we will be seeing adik-adik at Rumah Ilham on our own personal arrangments - maybe drop by during their Prep time to help with their English homework preparing for their English exams or during the weekends. That is up to you!

IEP Classes, insya'Allah will resume in January 2006.. hopefully with a bunch of familiar faces and many new volunteers with heaps of new ideas!

I will keep you all updated if we have any activities with the kids during Ramadhan until the end of the year. Insya'Allah our Library Project will go on, once we get a confirmed date :)

Till then.. take care and THANK YOU very much for your time and commitment with the Ilham English Program (IEP) for this past year.


Naz on behalf of PCG


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At 8:16 PM, Blogger AngkasaOne said...

A Job Well Done Guys!!
Hope that you guys will continue to work with the boys next year... and beyond :)


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