Wednesday, May 23, 2007

My Dream Horse...ooops, House

What's your dream house going to be like? A Flying one? House on wheels? A house underwater with mermaids swimming around? A house with elongated legs?

Today we had another session before the boys break for a 2 weeks school holiday. The theme for today is My Dream House! Abang Bigg drew his dream house on a piece of paper and posted it on the white board. He then asked the kids to describe parts of the house, what materials were used and what are the usual objects we have in our houses.

After explaining about the house, the kids were asked to draw their own dream houses! They showed off their drawing skills after seeing the abangs and kakaks also drawing their house. Oh yeah, there were Kak Naz, Kak Farah, Abg Lie, Abg Lan, Kak Alia, Abg Bet, Abg Byn and Abg Jeri tonight. Kak Da came a little bit later with her friend, Kak Edd.

After the kids finished drawing their dream house, they have to come in front, post their drawings up and then explained about their dream house. Baby volunteered to be first to explain about his house. His house looks like a cross over of a rocket and a clock tower!!

Effa came next. He got a house, with a swimming pool, a football field (oh wow just imagine the size), a big dog to guard his beloved dream house (well some abangs and kakaks thought it was a big cat, hehe) and a mosque nearby!! Alhamdulillah, hopefully the mosque will be filled with jamaah eh Effa. Oh yeah, he also drew a spaceship.

Then Fikry came out and guess what, he drew a flying house with a pair of wings! A pair of eyes as well and also wheels to make the landing part become much easier!

All the first 3 volunteer get a pack of biscuit each for their courage to come to the front and share the ideas of their dream houses.

The last volunteer was Shafik who designed a green house with colourful windows. His Dream House is a 2 storey bungalow, 3 rooms, but still he opted to sleep downstairs. Shafik got a special gift from Kak Edd, a pink poodle. Talk about saving the best for last. Anyways, the others got their poodle treats afterwards.

Finally, we asked them about what had they learned tonight. Baby answered something about creativity! Yeah, that was it, the purpose of this activity was to encourage the kids to think creatively. There were lots of different ideas generated when they were coming up with their respective Dream House! Well done boys!

Here's some candid (hmmm.. and some not so candid) shots during the class!!


At 10:10 AM, Anonymous lie said...

aloha guys!!

Sorry lambat post dis vid. Anyway, here is d vid link:

@Naz - embed le vid ni cam biasa yek ;)

At 4:59 AM, Blogger Naz Sunshine said...

cool, thanks Lie! I've finally put it up.. sorry terlambat sikit :)



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