Friday, June 17, 2005

Akademi Ilham

On Friday, the 17th June 2005 we had our 1st ILHAM session after the school break. It was good to see the kids again after being absent for so long (sorry Naz!). Yes, they’re still naughty but nevertheless still ever ready to learn. 4 new students have joined the group and their names are Taz, Nizam, Syed Amirul and A’ain. Taz and A’ain are brothers btw. Don’t ask me their full names because I finally remembered their nicknames after racking my brain for about half an hour. Yes, I’m terrible at remembering names but since Azam had pestered me into writing this so you just have to bear with me.

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This week the kids learned the English version of the song called “Paling Comel” by Achik Spin and Siti Nordiana. The English translation of the song according to Acat is “So Cute”. FYI, Acat is the man responsible for “butchering”…oppss I meant translating the BM lyrics of the song to English. Hahahaha….It’s not a bad translation, it’s just that it’s really funny when you try to sing it. It’s such a cute song. Thanks Acat :-)

The kids are divided into 5 groups, Brazil, ManU, Arsenal, Chelsea & Nizam Spin & Siti Hajar (there’s only 2 members in this group i.e. Nizam & Hajar. Konon-kononnya macam Achik Spin and Siti Nordiana la). The other 4 groups had 3 members in them. I can’t remember the names of the group members but I know that Azlan was in Keena’s group. That boy is truly smitten. Heheh…Below is the English version of the lyrics “Paling Comel”:-)

I would have never guessed,
that these fireballs,
which were once so small,
have become so big
it’s the same as
my hope for you
it was so little before
have become so big

so let it be
and just let me
replace him
beside you
you are so pretty
so courteous
and so cute
in my heart

I know an old flame hurt you..

oh the first time
that I knew you
you are always smiling
smiling at me
and just like
the fireballs
my love burns bright
for you

Image hosted by The kids were given about half an hour to practice the song with their abang-abang & kakak-kakak. I had a wonderful time trying to sing the song with Aida and my boys. After everyone has finished practice, Acat asked each group to come to the front to perform in front of the so-called ‘professional juries’ namely Azam and Jannah and compete in Ilham Akademi Fantasia. Brazil was the 1st group to come up to the front and sing “So Cute”.

The group consists of Amirul, Hafiz and Rashid (heheh…The reason I remembered their names was because this was my group and we won the Ilham Akademi Fantasia competition!). They sang loud and clear. Of course we know Rashid can never keep a straight face and was laughing throughout the song. Hasif kept putting up the paper containing the lyrics to his face (stage fright maybe? Nahhhhh, I doubt it!) and Amirul, the boy with the big voice did the group proud by singing ever so loudly. Then the second group came out to sing. I think it was Keena’s group with Shamsu, Azlan and Ikmal and so on…Sorrylah babes! I tak ingat who was in which group! Suffice to say that it was a full house.

All the groups did well. However, I’m concerned about Hajar, the flower among the thorns in Ilham. She is extremely shy and looked like she doesn’t feel comfortable participating with the boys or joining them in any of the activities. I don’t really know her level of understanding of the English language, as I have not been tutoring her while I was in Ilham. Maybe we should have more girls in the group. Azam, can you look into this? To me Hajar doesn’t look shy. But she sure is stubborn. Sampai ke sudah tak nak nyanyi dengan Nizam. Nizam had to go to the front and sing by himself. Pity the boy. Nasib baik ada Abang Acat, kan? Heheheh…

That’s all for now. Ampuuuuuuuuuuunnnn if the writing kurang memberansangkan. Banyak kerja la Azam :-) Signing off…

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the abang and kakaks



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