Sunday, May 08, 2005

Sesi Membuka Kamus dan Pengukuhan

This week we did a reinforcement session.

Some Friday before the activity was the pizza wheel. The kids played a huge game with extra large board and all and the topic was "Things in the Classroom".

So this time the kids were given worksheets/exercise on a word level on the same topic.

"Ni senang je ni, budak darjah satu boleh buat."
"This is easy, a Year 1 kid can do it."

So to make it more educational and overbearing, in came the dictionary. The dictionary is used as the main and sometimes only source of information and answers for the questions that arises such as what is a cupboard? Well let's look up the trusty dictionary okay?

Then, we did a competition where The Manchester United Team went against Chelsea. No points were tabulated so everybody's a winner! Yeay? The game is about forming words from one big word. The word is blackboard and so you know you can get "back" from blackboard. Hmm. English rocks!

This Friday we had a surprise visit from Pakcik Greg, a 65 years old retiree from the United States of America. He's in Malaysia on a special retirement program called Silver Hair and used to be a History Professor. He came in and played Simon Says with the kids and they looked wary, cautious, but at the same time curious and interested. The way Pakcik Greg talks made the listener listen up and pay attention. Experienced. Seasoned. Dictionary please.

To conclude it was a good day. Hopefully it was filled with input and the kids can digest it in.

From word level we shall grow into sentence level and from hence essays. Wish us all the best!


At 9:35 AM, Blogger Naz Sunshine said...

we want pictures!! we want pictures!! Acat - u sorang je took pics the other day..


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