Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Big Book, Big Picture.. Big Big Big!

We had a session at Ilham on Friday the 13th.. (hooooooooo... scary friday hehe no not really) This session was a serious session but I was not in a mood to give them homework that day. Lucky them!

I wanted the boys to read with me and what other best way to do it than using the BIG BOOK approach! We got these books from amli in February or March but never really used them in class. They were given to the boys in IEP, so better make good use of it...


The idea of this BIG BOOK approach is so the kids can read together in a groups with their teacher in front. Like that, their teacher can guide everyone to which word sounds like what and concentrate on pronunciation as well.. That's the theory bit of course :o) Although some may be left not so far behind, this BIG BOOK approach did achieve it's aim to get the kids interested in the story (i guess that's because there were BIG PICTURES in the books too :o))

After reading together, since it was serious week - we did some simple sentence writing with the kids. They were suppose to pick 1 kakak or abang to sit with and make sentences out of the words Jannah and Bet had written on the board. Before getting to that - we played 'Simon Says'!!

Once they were all wide awake again, they each took an abang and kakak to get down with the sentences. They had to use the words UNDER, ONTO, ACROSS, IN, OVER to make sentences.



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