Sunday, April 17, 2005

How to play a DIY boardgame...

Here goes;

1. First, you need to patch them together on the floor, umm... no, you need to figure out how they go together before you can patch them up you see.
When that is done (with a lot of help from the kids) we started off by explaining the rules of the game. The kids seem to understand and were very eager to proceed.

2. Introduce the remarkable instrument of fate, which is the Pizza wheel.
It works like any ordinary deciding wheel and no, they are not taken from pizza hut. The kids were quite excited by the wheel as it reminded them of Roda Impian.

3. Divide the players into 4 groups of two. The first 4 players will then have a go at the boardgame. When they finish a round, each will tag their team mates and the second batch of players will continue the game, like a relay.
We let the pizza wheel decide which kid teams with which sort of to let them mingle and cooperate.

Let the games begin!

There were four types of boxes for the kids to land on.

Guess what I am?
The player must guess the object within the classroom by the given clue.
E.g. I have feathers yet I'm not a bird. Feather Duster = bulu ayam = chicken feathers?
It seemed to be the easiest of all three, since a picture of a classroom is posted for the kids to see and look for the stuff.

Lights! Camera! Action!
The player is given a situation in a classroom that requires a bit of acting.
E.g. Scene: Going to the toilet/restroom.
It would be helpful for the kids to relate the English words with actual situations in class.

Spell Me!
The player is given a picture of an object and is required to spell it correctly.
It seemed to be hard for the kids to come up with the spelling of longer words. But we manage to help them out through an express game of hangman.

Spin The Wheel!
A bonus box where the player can spin the wheel a second time and choose a question. If he answers it correctly, he will get to advance. If not, he needs to move backwards.
The favorite as it lets them finish quicker. Everyone was rooting for the spin. We all chanted SPIN THE WHEEL 9 times or so and not one chose to chicken out which shows that they need all the support they can get.

Overall, the game went well. We can even use the board for another setting. This activity reminded me that it's easier for the kids to learn when it's something they can relate to. Hope it helps.

waa, how big is da board..


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