Saturday, June 25, 2005

Guess what I AM doing..!??

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This week’s session was carried out by our cool future English Teacher Kak Jannah. The class started with Kak Jannah handing out small postcards with a sentence to each adik. They have to act out the sentence which starts with ‘I AM …(action).. (eg. I am crying, I am sleeping) and the rest will then guess the actions.

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We had Abang Dirk with us this week (an British dude who is here for his law studies attachment with Skrine) to be interviewed by the adik-adik. They were all excited and eager to ask questions. Beside the 5 standard questions that had been taught to them during the earlier part of IEP class, surprisingly they have asked questions like what is his favourite food, favourite football team, favourite colour, they even asked if Abang Dirk had a girlfriend?!

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What really amazes us (me most) was the confidence that came from the kids! To me, it does not matter if the questions are correct or the sentences are not in the correct grammatical manner (which that is what us Kakaks/Abangs are suppose to be doing at IEP - correcting and teaching them), what mattered most was the confidence they showed and they are not shy to speak up even to a ‘mat salleh’!

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I guess this is one thing to be proud of by the Kakaks and Abangs! After 5/6 months of IEP, little that we know, we have somehow achieved one of our objective in IEP, which is ‘to boost self esteem and confidence’ of the adik-adik. Hopefully by end of this year we can see more changes and improvement and more fun to come!



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