Wednesday, June 20, 2007

We got help!

So Naz reminded us earlier that we're doing reading class this week. And we were to bring help with us. What help? We have to bring our laptops along!

The idea was to use our laptops for reading class. There's this website, It's a cool website! A great website to help with teaching them young ones how to read. Activities includes spelling, knowing syllables by sounds, story telling and a lot of other things we don't have time to explore. Hehe

Efa paired with Kak Da, Rafie with Kak Naz, Syafiq with Abg Jeri and Akim with Abg Lie. They did their thing, and everyone seem to be having fun while learning. Happy times!

The others came too. Abg Bet and Abg Akaz hooked them up with a game of "Word Chain". Each student has to come up with a word to continue a story started by a word! Haih, seems complicated right? So they changed the game to the one we played last week, "Spelling Chain!" More happy times!


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