Sunday, March 27, 2005

test, test, this is a test..

okay, friday night we had the big test for the kiddies. Naz had prepared some questions based on what we had done for the past six weeks. what started off as a serious 'exam like' thing became a more relax session with the kids being able to ask for guidance from the abang and the kakaks.

what was the answer again?

some of the boys did pretty well, hehe full marks and all. but some made careless mistakes here and there. hopefully they will improve as time progresses

checking the answers..

after the test we had a sorta like review of how the kids felt about the whole program. the favourite word for the night is 'gembira'. hehe well we were all glad to be of some help.

cake for the kiddies..

anyways its off to the movies on sunday.


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