Sunday, April 10, 2005

singing when ur winning..

hehe. here in ilham we kinda do a lot of fun activities. the approach that we take is kinda two pronged. we feel that by creating a more relaxed environment we can try to make the kids more comfortable to participate in the activities hence boosting their confidence in the long run.

enuff of the science bit..

last friday, we arranged the kids to learn a new song. this time round its that aged old and well heard song called the eensy weensy spider song. or itsy bitsy whatever u prefer. or even the malay version which i am surprised that even the abang-kakaks have never heard before.

what was the song about eh..

first we had the kids read the lyrics that keena have conveniently printed out. then we proceeded to tell what was the whole song all about. there were some new words that needed to be explained. we also came up with that dance to make the thing more interesting. luckily for u guys that u weren't there to see me dance the jig. hehe.

whats this, a fan!

anyways, after the preparation was done. we had the kids sing the song out loud, all set with their action and all.

now do the dance eh..

all together now..

twas all round good fun i think.

pics were a bit classic coz azam wanted to be artistic la kan..


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