Monday, April 04, 2005

the moral of the story?

okay, last friday's activity was a bit different. a clash in the timetable meant that we only had the standard 4 kids with us while the standard 5 kids had to do BM. anyways jannah prepared something for the kids. the theme was learning new words through a story. she came up with this surprise birthday thingy with some sea animals.

and the turtle came with the crab..

then the kids had to tell the story based on their understanding to the faci's. this was all good until we came to the part where we asked the kids, what was the moral of the story. moral tu ape bang? oh okay.

cue a lengthy explanation on some of the terms in the stories which were kinda foreign to the kids. surprise, secret, moral. but it was all good fun i guess.

where does this one go?

moral tu ape ek bang?


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