Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Do the Alphabet with Big Bird!

The busiest week at work!! Noone managed to prepare anything...

Got a ride back from Acat - was bitching about stuff at work the whole way back!!

Got home at the same time eyeda got to my place. So we 3 sat down and thought of what to do?!!! After a few minutes, all of us were still blank!! (effect from a busy busy day I guess)

I wanted to continue with some alphabet pronunciation with group 1 - only this time, I wanted to use a more hip and happening video!! I borrowed Dina's (my 3 year old niece) Sesame Street Video. "Do the Alphabet" video!!

And later just before we left for Ilham, Acat decided to do a story telling activity with children from group 2... Sorted!!

Got all our stuff and off we went! When we got there, the warden told us that there'll only be 4 of them in the class today - the others had nasyid practice... woookey.. there you go - we didn't have to crack our heads so badly after all.. hehe.. worked to our advantage..

Besides K Eyeda, Abg Acat and myself - Abg Azri (also 1 of our schoolmates) were there! We started off with the video. It was fun!! We had alphabet singing, alphabet exercising and alphabet magic to help poor baby bear (from the vidoe) to learn his A-Z. I have to say, Big Bird's cool!! He has many tricks and strategies on how baby bear can learn his A-Z in a day!!

At the end of the session, both baby bear (from the video) and the IEP boys learned their A-Z and new words too!

We tested them just before ending the session with a word puzzle prepared by K Eyeda & Abg Azri... They did well!! Well done!

Personally I think this video thingy is a good approach for these kids. Let's try to expose them to more of these things, yeah?!


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