Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Listen... Listen!

Abang Bigg and Abang Jeri came up with the lesson plan for tonight. We played the "Whispering Game". Two groups were formed - the Autobots and Decepticons (yeah - Transformers Fever going around at the moment kan :))

Each group had to stand in a straight line. The first group member were given specific sentence to pass to their friends in a whispering mode. One group member at a time, the first to the second person, second to third and so on. At the end of the line, the last group member will have to come to the front and write down what the message or sentence is. The group with the right sentence or the closest to the original sentence collects points.

First sentence

Original: "I'm a Hero, are you?"
Autobots: "Macha, how are you?"
Decepticons: "I'm a Zero"

Second Sentence

Original: "Today, we celebrate our Independence Day"
Autobots: "Today, Nizam celebrated"
Decepticons: "Today is a Saturday"

Third Sentence

Original: "Here I come, there you go"
Autobots: "Hey, I come alone"
Decepticons: "Here I come, .........." oops, sorry I can't remember what was their answer - someone help me out here please

I think it's better that Abang Jeri or Abang Bigg update this entry, I was busy trying to get the message through to Alan that there are times when we need to keep quiet and listen (as he was very naughty tonight and was talking non-stop and not listening to instructions at all!) I wasn't really paying attention and keeping score. (Abang Jeri/Bigg, please help me out here :))

Well, funny thing tonight was that at 9.45pm all the kids disappeared... Getting them to go is usually very difficult, but tonight it was the opposite! You want to know why? They had DURIANs for supper. So at the ring of the bell, all of them rushed to the canteen to get their share of DURIANs!! It was so funny, as Abang Jeri was explaining something, he turned back and the kids were GONE!

They came back 10 minutes later with their durian smelling hands and sat with us to wrap up. Each of them smelled of DURIAN!!

We had Abang Acat with us again tonight - Cool! but he had to leave early. We also had Kak Nurina (Abang Jeri's colleague), Abang Jeri, Abang Bigg,Abang Akash, Kak Zaza and Abang Lie - All quite relunctant to salam with the durian smelling hands of the adik2.. hehe..

Hopefully, they learn a thing or two about paying attention and listening to others and the consequences of not doing so, especially little Mr Alan!!



At 10:23 AM, Anonymous dA said...

i bet that was fun. sorry i couldnt join u guys that night. but there are more to come kan?

when is the upsr? rase macam dah dekat je.


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