Friday, July 20, 2007

Revise or ...

Last week when we came for the usual English Program activity, we were half shocked. There wasn't any activity. We were not to conduct any Ha-Ha classes anymore. Things have gotten a bit serious around Rumah Ilham.


The 1st semester result is in, and it's not very good.

Everyone at Rumah Ilham have to start taking their studies seriously. All the students facing major exam this year (UPSR & PMR) are to be isolated from the rest. We, were invited (more like invited ourselves) to help them with their prep classes. Maybe 3-4 of us with the ones taking UPSR/PMR and the others with those not doing any major exams this year.

This week, starting last Tuesday there were some of us who came by during prep to help with any problems they might encounter with their revisions. It was the same for Wednesday night and Thursday night. Hopefully it will be the same thing for the coming weeks. Their exam is not that far away.

Be prepared for some tough questions from the ones getting ready for PMR. Hehe...

The program is like: Every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. 8.45 - 10.15 pm. Until they finished their exams. UPSR starts 3rd September 2007 and PMR is sometime in October 2007


At 11:30 PM, Anonymous lie said...


u r d best, dude! ;)
so 2 all, let's lend our gazillion support to the boys next tues ya!


At 1:50 AM, Anonymous Naz said...


Great, I'll join next week! :)


At 8:36 PM, Blogger Acat said...

waah so no more fun activities eh. hmm...


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