Wednesday, June 21, 2006

football mad ilham..

okay it is the world cup season and we just can't resist doing something footie related. granted planning was minimal and preparation was kinda adhoc, but i think we managed to impart some knowledge of the game to the kids.

started off with me and jeri all decked up in holland's home and away kit. we gave a quick rundown of recent world cup history. how many teams were playing (32) when the world cup is held (every 4 years), what do we call the people from some of the countries (england=english, german=germish???)

then we went thru the basic rules, the different positions, the referees, the cards and we topped it all off by doing a maths quiz from a league table.

maths and footie?

well its basically simple algebra. u have ur 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw and zilch for a lost. we asked the kids to calculate the total points scored. what combination of win, lose or draw was needed to get a certain points total. it was kinda complicated at first, the kids didn't want to think much just wanting to shoot aje. hehe tembak. but we got them to do some calculations and they soon got the hang of it.

in the end everyone got some football chocolates for their trouble and the whole class, including the abang kakak facis were educated on the ways of footie.. hehe