Sunday, February 27, 2005


We had a story-telling session with adik2 Ilham last Friday. Ana (Acat's kid sister) a.k.a Z' Great Story Teller and her assistant Acat a.k.a Z' Big Bad Wolf (grraaarrr!) got all the adik2 mesmerised with their act..

Half-way through:
"So, adik2 what house did the first pig build?", Ana asking adik2 - to test their listening and understanding skills. "Kak Ana, build to apa?", Qawi a.k.a Comel asked.

We realised then,what was to us simple words were actually difficult for the Adik2.. so we slowed down the pace a little and made sure they understood the whole story.

At the end:
We left them with some keywords - "OK Adik2, make sure you copy down the bubbled words and find their meanings in Malay for next week, OK!", Keena announced to them..

We then had an 'Auntie Anne's' yum, yum session, courtesy of Keena - thanks babe!

Can't wait for the next session!
Last session before Adik2 break for school holidays..

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

come and join the FUN!

As part of the adik2 ilham's request, we will try to organise weekly IEP activities with them.

Details of next session are as below:
Friday, 25th February 2005
8:30 - 10:00 pm
Rumah Ilham, Pinggiran TTDI

Activities planned:
- Spelling test
- Storytelling session
- Setting up of English Corner @ Ilham

Please feel free to contact any of us at

We welcome all the support from YOU!
come and check it out..

Monday, February 21, 2005

a fresh start..

i've always wanted to join these type of programs, but time constraints and the perceived notion that i had a life before meant that i never got the chance. now it seems that fate has given me the opportunity to do what i have always wanted.

the kids here at ilham are all very eager. i'd like to think that in one way or the other these kids will be more enriched from their interactions with us. granted that its not always fun and games. we want to instill some sort of basic grasp of the language while at the same time trying to help build their confidence.

anyways, i have a feeling that this may be a start to more wonderful things to come.

Friday, February 18, 2005

Win, Lose or Draw!

We had our second session of IEP 2005 tonight. Adik2 ilham were eager for another fun-like activity and were all ready to go when we arrived there!

We started off with some group revision on 'self-introduction' and then continued with 'Win, Lose or Draw' game.

After a few rounds, we could now gauge their level of English understanding and will plan for the next activity accordingly.

We are planning to separate them into two groups in the future.

So, tonight, the winner group received a present from us - a set of boardgame called 'The Gallows' which is similar to 'Hangman'. On the other hand, the group that lost had to present to us a song - 'live'. Glad to say, they were very sporting and were willingly entertaining us with their song 'bintang2 berkedipan' ;o)

The Adik2 are requesting us to have IEP sessions on a weekly basis instead of on a fortnightly basis - are we able to?

No promises there, but we'll try!!
That's what I told adik2 ilham tonight..

Friday, February 04, 2005

The Ice Breaking

Today was the kick-start session of IEP 2005.

Many of us were there - myself, Zaki, Acat, Sherrie, Elya, Keena, Dana, Adita, Azam, Chey and Jai (hope i didn't miss out anyone) and we had 7 adik2 ilham with us - Zafiq, Hasif, Azlan, Shamsu, Azwan, Hafiz and Qawi from primary 4 & 5..

All 7 were shy young gentlemen...

To break the ice - we asked them to draw a self-potrait and exchange it with their friends. Then in pairs they had to take turns and ask each other some background questions like: "What is your name? Where are you from? How old are you? etc...

We were very happy with their participation - it was amazing to see how they put aside their shyness to impress their abang2 & kakak2 there!

Then we continued with a game of charades - adik2 were given a card with an occupation written on it. They were required to act out the occupation so that the others can guess..

We had a lot of fun watching them acting it out and also trying to guess who they were.

We then ended the session with a short spelling test and of course SUPPER!!

Thanks for Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC)
It's finger licking good!