Thursday, March 22, 2007

the lion, the mouse and the narrator..

well yesterday we introduced the kids to some acting. bet and alia got the kids a script. we divided them into groups of threes and we had them practice their lines and then act it out in front of the class. given the short time, we didn't expect them to memorize their lines la but they did give a good attempt at it.

the play was supposed to be done via puppets but we modified it a bit. its that timeless tale of the mouse and the lion. i think everyone knows the story right? little mouse caught by lion. lion lets him go because the mouse was funny. the mouse returned the favour when the lion was caught in a trap. moral of the story, being little doesn't stop u from doing big things.. hehe well that was my take on it.

we did a quick round of voting to see who played the fiercest lion, the most timid of mices and the most serious narrator. hehe the kids were hilarious.

for the session, we also introduced a smile points system (not at all associated with esso or mobil). where for every time the kids speak in english, we will give them a smiley face. at the end of the class the kid with the most smilies will get a prize. well that got them excited. fikry was the one with the most smilies in the end. 21 smilies!!

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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

letter from batu gajah..

the activity for the night was on letters and correspondence. we all got aidah to write a letter to the kids telling about what she has been up to down(or is it up?) there in Batu Gajah. so we pretty much wanted the kids to answer a few question that kak aidah posed in her letter.

i started the class by being a bit strict. we all really wanted the kids to pay attention and i guess the 'abg garang' version of myself did the trick la. we divided the kids into groups and each abg/kakak had a group to help with the letter writing.

i guess being garang did have an impact la coz some of the kids even wrote in the letter that today abg acat is soo strict. hehe. well at least they did listen la kan.