Wednesday, April 25, 2007

hang me if i win lose or draw the wheel of fortune..

So today we had another "fun" session at rumah ilham. what we did was having fun. we had fun. yes, fun we had..a lot of them. fun was all we had tonite..all we had tonite was fun fun fun (at least thats what we thought)

what is the answer...

Well....we played a was called hang me if i win lose or draw the wheel of fortune..the kids were divided into 3 groups namely; bionicles, fantastic boyz and mechanical star team. well it was actually a hang man, wheel of fortune sort of thing where the kids were asked to guess words, phrases, and actions.. clues were given accordingly and the kids showed a great competitive spirit!! well, kids being kids ;)

lets discuss the answer again..

Whenever games like this were conducted, where competitions involved, all of them shows great enthusiasts... pretty much to the point the got pretty overexcited. too excited that one of the teams even got their points deducted for showing unprofessional behaviour.

but i thought the answer was hanky..

We had 8 rounds including one final bonus round which carried 500 POINTS! Team fantastic boyz lead the game but stumble at the very last round due to miscommunication between the members. that fumble caused them the game and bionicles won the game gracefully right at the end. at the end, bionicles came on top, fantastic boyz at second and last but not least mechanical star team. They got the message across (which was great). It was teamwork, patience and everything in between!!!

That's all folks!!


Monday, April 23, 2007

come read with me..

it was another session of the extra reading class for the 'not so tere' kids. i found this website which has some good materials on teaching kids how to read through phonics. it has a simple and nice layout which was most pleasing and enticing for the kids. so i brought a laptop and went through some of the lesson plans with the kids.

i noticed that rafie was having some trouble with the simplest of words and upon further probing i found out that he mixes up some of the letters. b and d. p and q. a sign of dyslexia. need to be a little bit more patient with him.

well i really need to familiarize myself with some of the techniques to teach kids with special needs. would really appreciate any suggestions that ya'll got to offer.


Saturday, April 14, 2007

fun with paper planes..

so we had another english session on wednesday. this time round we wanted to do something fun which involves us going out of the class room. so we came up with this whole teaching the kids a little bit about physics (yeah hehe fun physics) and a little bit of maths (hehe very little) and seeing if the kids can observe and recall and also to follow instructions.

first of all we started with me telling the kids a little bit about the history of flight. some characteristics of things that can fly and also i asked the kids what other things that they can think off which displayed those characteristics.

then we asked the kids to design their own paper planes. each group must come up with a plane that can fly the furthest and also glide the longest in the air. for this we went to the hall. there were 4 groups in all. all with names having something to do with flying.

so the kids were trying out their designs and all. some of them were trying out their airplanes and others were asking the abang kakak for some help. after each throw, the kids calculated the average distance and the average time. we had a winner for each category.

afterwards, we all had a sit down and i showed the kids how to make some complicated paper planes from this big book of paper airplanes which i bought at borders. hehe it was fun. i think i had more fun than the kids did. hehe still a little kid at heart eh..