Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Exams are here!

We had a few things going on last night!

It's exam time for the kids. Instead of teaching them how to answer the questions - we guided them on how to read and understand the questions especially when the exams are in English! I was there for the first 10 minutes or so, and had to leave the class to attend to some other matter. Acat, Jeri, Da, Aidah, Azam, Ezanee and Oza continued in preparing them for the exams. I missed most of it and came back only at the end. (maybe you guys wanna update what we did last night in more detail)

Anyway, whilst the others were busy preparing for exams, Kak Da had other plans for Hasif :) She took him to the side and gave him a one-to-one reading lesson! Her vision is to get Hasif to improve his reading skills. I'm glad we have the same vision... Da, keep it up k! :) My aim when we started IEP session this year is to get Hasif to feel confident in reading out aloud in front of the class... I see it materialising bit by bit through your efforts! Again, keep it up girl!

I just have to share my pleased feeling in seeing the enthusiasm and energy that the new abang2 and kakak2 (ie Jeri, Da and Zaza) have! Well done, guys! I salute you!! :)

That's all from me... please feel free to add in more on yesterday's activities or any other IEP nights for that matter, which may have not been updated.

Sorry folks, no pictures (my camera is broken)