Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Reading & Comprehension

We split the group to 2 last night.

Acat and Jeri some upstairs and did a game (Acat/Jeri - please update on this :))

we had fun yesterday. me and jeri took the traditional A.. B.. C game and gave a a little twist. we had with us fikry, syed, nizam, and aiman. so for every letter that their fingers decide, the kids have to come up with a country, an animal, an occupation and a thing (object). the twist is they only get marks for unique answers only.

so we had the boys running around in the library trying to figure out the words. the excitement was more down to them trying to get a different answer from their friends.

at the end of it all. the overall champion was fikry. hehe, at the last minute he managed to answer the last bonus 10 point question so he stretched his lead inextensibly. wei hei.. <- acat

Aidah, Da, Ezanee, Oza and myself took Hasif, Roy, Alan, Boboy, Nastain and Rasid downstairs for a reading and comprehension exercise. Aidah and Da brought a set of Peter and Jane books. We each took one or two of them and read together.

I had Roy with me. In previous classes, I noticed that Roy is always excited to participate but most of the time he's just too shy to say things in English - not because he doesn't know how to but more because he lack the confidence.

So my approach was to let him read through the book without me stopping and correcting him. Of course, a few words here and there pronounced incorrectly but because I didn't stop him everytime he made a mistake, he continued with full confidence!! He can read!!!

Only in the second round, I started correcting mainly on his pronunciation. Then I tried asking him questions to check whether he understood what he was reading. He did very well! :) I also made him write down selected sentences and keywords (specified from the book) and asked him to write down the meaning of the keywords in Malay.

Hopefully, with lots more session and practice like just now, Roy will improve his reading, writing and comprehension skills :) Insya'allah.