Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Know Your A-Z

We split the class to 2 this time round.

Eyeda & I took group 1 (Ezanee joined us later) and Acat & Keena took group 2 (Diyana and her friend joined later).

Group 1 modules are designed for the kids to start fresh - from basics. As for group 2 - they're more focused towards the school syllabus.

For group 1

i) learned sounds of alphabets using videos from starfall.com (if you have kids of your own, let them play around with this website.. it's good for learning English for kids!!)

ii) identified objects according to alphabets assigned (we gave them some pictures all jumbled up - divide them to 3 groups and asked them to cut out objects according to alphabets, paste onto cardboard and labelled them, eg. group a: A-D group b: E-H and group c: I-L)

iii) tested them on the spelling for those new words they learned.

The objective was to get the children to recognise alphabets and associate the sounds to it - to strengthen their reading/spelling skills. We managed to cover that and were happy!!

The kids were excited (we cheated la - Eyeda had some strawberries from Cameron Higlands to 'motivate' the kids to answer questions heheh.. well, it worked! ;p) Also we got them to compete between groups - "The fastest group to complete and decorate their ABC Posters nicely - gets the whole box of strawberries!" :)

As promised, the first group won the strawberries - yummy!

At the end of it, we hung their ABC Posters in the library for their future reference!

Group 2 did a treasure hunt thingy - learning to seek & give directions.. The facees for the group will update you guys on what they did, soon!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Audition & toilet tissue

Today, we started the class later than usual, at 9 pm. The famous nasyid group – Raihan came to Rumah Ilham. Although we were there earlier than the Raihan’s, since we’re not as famous as them ;) we had to wait for our turn to take the kids. J

This week, we were supposed to divide the kids into two groups. Since we had to start late, Kak Naz came up with an activity using a roll of toilet tissue!!

The roll was passed around the class and the kids were asked to take as many tissues as they want - without them knowing what they were suppose to do with it. Some took as many as thirteen pieces and some took as little as one piece.

Then comes the instruction from Kak Naz, “Ok now, what I want you to do is to write one thing about yourself on each sheet of tissue you took”.

After about 10 minutes, each of them was called up to the front of the class to tell the class about themselves. Some came up with very interesting points e.g. “I am handsome and cute”, and I was touched the most by this point, “I love my family”.

We ended the class around 10.15pm with a little treat of chocolate biscuits. We managed to complete 1 lesson in less than an hour though at first we thought we could not have done anything that week.

Thanks to Kak Naz, now I know another usage for toilet tissues… J


Wednesday, March 01, 2006

its a small world after all..

well for yesterday's IEP we decided to have a little sing a long with the kids. the song we picked was 'its a small world' the annoying kids version. sherri printed oout the lyrics and we had them read it aloud together at first.

then to make things interesting, we had each boy to act out part of the lyrics. when the rest of them sing 'its a world of laughter' one boy would act out hysterical laughing. 'its a world of tears' another would act out crying. by acting out the words, the kids would have a better understanding of what it meant and possibly can help them remember it more.

so the classroom was quite hectic. everyone belting their lungs out, including the facilitators. thought we had a lot of fun.