Wednesday, February 14, 2007

occupational hazards..

Okay yesterday we planned to have a session on letters and correspondence however due to the change in schedule the std 6 kids were having their BM tuition therefore we felt that it would be best to save that activity for later.

so for the night we had 4 std kids and 5 std 5 kids. having not prepared much of a back up plan we decided to the a simple activity on occupations. we had the kids tell us of the numerous occupations out there. citing examples like teacher, lawyer, butcher, policeman and also ultraman - the last one was added as a joke. ultraman doesn't exist (ye bet ultraman tak wujud)

afterwards we ask where do they all work. a teacher - school. lawyer - courthouse. to recap everything we then proceeded to do a guessing game of sorts. the abang/kakaks had to act out a certain occupation whilst the kids try to guess what it is. hehe u guys shud have seen la some of the actions. hehe ooh and we have some of it on tape. hehe.

End of Part 1 - Acat


When I got there, everyone was busy discussing...

I missed the part where the Abang2 and Kakak2 had to act but hehe thanks to Abang Lie, I got to see all of them at the end hehe.. I also managed to see the kids trying really hard to act out the chosen occupation and getting the friends to guess them! hehe, funny!

Everyone seem to be concentrating...

Everyone's off their seats, excited guessing the acts...

After class, we had a makan-makan session. Some generous kind souls donated some money for us to celebrate with the kids at Rumah Ilham, May Allah bless them :) So, we had some satay, bee hoon, cakes and ice-cream too!!

the food and drinks!!

It was great... What's even greater was to see some old faces again. It was like a small reunion of Ilham Volunteers :) Also, we had the new ones present too!

Thanks all for coming and see you in the next sessions!

Here's a video of Past Activities @ Ilham, enjoy!!!

End of Part 2 - Naz

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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Mr How and His 5 Wives..

Hello, hello!!

We had our 2nd IEP Session last night!! Great turn out from the Abang and Kakak :) Abang Bet brought his friend along, Kak Alia.. Kak Farra came and so did Kak Da. Abang Fazli was also there. Kak Syu and Kak Sheila came later (they come to Ilham every Tuesdays too and supervise during Prep time)... Abang Acat started off with a recap of the ground rules outlined 2 weeks ago...

Then Kak Naz continued with introducing Mr How and his 5 wives (Ms Who, Ms What, Ms Where, Ms When and Ms Why) to the kids. Basically, the idea we had was to help the kids in preparing for essay writings - doing a skeletal using the 1H and 5W questions but I think at the end it turned out to be more of a comprehension exercise than planning an essay.. hehehe....

The kids were split into 3 groups and each group were given a news article (source: CBBC Newsround and they each had to choose 1 question (either Mr How or any of his wives) to ask about the article, getting the answers from the article itself.

When time was up, each group had to read their story and present their questions/answers to the rest... Abang Acat used a lot of Mr How and his 5Wives to ask the kids further and test whether they understood the article.