Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Beware of Crocs..

Hi! I finally got to go to IEP Session tonight after missing a couple the past weeks... and we FINALLY received the computer donations from PETRONAS :) Alhamdullillah, thank you PETRONAS!!

I think it was last year that we started requesting for used PCs and after a lot of ding-dong back and forth (I guess they were some procedures they had to go through that took a bit longer and also we were in a queue with some other schools/institutions that have also requested for used PCs) we finally received them today! Yippee!! hehe.. THANKS to all that made it happened :) The kids and Management of Rumah Ilham were very pleased with the PCs... THANK YOU...

After transferring the PCs to Ilham, we started our IEP session... We only had 4 of the kids tonight as the rest were involved in Nasyid practice for this Saturday night. FYI, the kids will be performing at Istana Budaya this Saturday night alongside other orphanages and also artist Mawi in a Concert organised by PEYATIM. We're all going to give them moral support!! Can't wait to see the kids perform!! :D

So with only 4 kids tonight, we had a video session - Crocodile Hunter!! The late Steve Irwin in action. We let the boys watch an episode of the Big Steve and his Aussie mates relocating 2 crocodiles in East Timur and from the video, we asked the kids some questions to test their understanding. The kids (well, even the facis me especially) were put in suspence in most of the scenes... That Steve guy is one brave dude!!

We ended the session about 10pm and all of us (the facis) headed to have supper together as usual...

Thursday, September 07, 2006

what do u wanna be..

listen to abg azri..

so last tuesday's session was a bit relaxed. the standard 6 kids were sitting for their upsr, so we had like 8 kids from std 4 and 5 for the class. we wanted to have some sorta of sharing sessions with the kids, asking what their ambitions are. whether or not they have an idea of what they wanna be when they grow up.

i started the session by just asking them what they wanna be. we have in the class, potential doctors, surgeon, an astronaut, a couple of engineers and a few who haven't got any clear ideas as yet. then i did a little demonstration with the kids. asking one of them to walk over to the book rack and pick a book which he can see what the title was. it was easy for him. then i asked him to close his eyes, and then asked if he could get another book on the rack. things were more difficult. from the exercise, the kids learnt that by having a clear goal, it would be easier to work at achieving it.

kak da and kak aida also wanna share..

later on when the rest of the faci's arrived, each of us did like a 'this is my life' sharing bit. telling the kids what were our ambitions when we were younger. how'd we ended up doing what we do now. it was very interesting to see how the kids were reacting to the whole bit.

we also did some q & a sessions afterward, checking if the kids were paying attention or not.